New Validation Tools, Launch Process, Upcoming Changes

Zapier Developer Platform Team | December 20, 2019

As we close out 2019 we wanted to share some recent and upcoming changes with you.

At Zapier, providing a great experience for our users is paramount. We also want to make it easy for developers like yourself to get your integration published in our App Directory. This has resulted in a lot of human review, which slows things down and created a more complex process than we wanted.

Over the last few months we’ve introduced more automatic validation to help you ensure your new integration is ready to breeze through the review process. Once our new process is fully rolled out, we expect wait times will be significantly shorter. A single review will get your integration published with a Beta status, providing you with access to Zap Templates and all of the tools you need to share Zapier with your users.

In coming weeks you’ll also notice new dashboard views to give you information about what’s going on with your integration, earlier in the process- whether you’re in-review, in beta, or a full-fledged Zapier Partner.

Over Q1, we will be adding more metrics to these pages, including usage by triggers and actions to help you understand which bits of your integration are resonating with your users.

Also coming soon is further work to make our validation and error messages easier to understand and easier to address.

We want to say thank you to all of our developers for your being part of our community and all your contributions to the platform in 2019!