Introducing Zapier’s New Platform UI

Zane Lyon | March 12, 2019

Zapier Platform UI

We’re excited to introduce an update to our Platform UI which includes a new edition of our visual builder, a web-based tool to integrate your API with Zapier. It’s the easiest way to build a new Zapier integration, a ground-up rewrite with several key improvements:

  • Be productive right away, even if you’re new to Zapier, with an intuitive visual builder that feels familiar to other API tools.
  • Interactively test and preview your work without leaving the tool.
  • Configure API requests without coding, or customize behavior with code for if needed.
  • The new visual builder is aligned tightly with Zapier’s CLI, as they both run on the same Zapier Platform. You can start new integration projects in the visual builder and soon will be able to export that integration to the CLI. This tight alignment also enables us to more quickly introduce new platform features to all integrations, and more easily support our developer community.

And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming throughout this year, including:

  • More super cool and helpful UX improvements in the works.
  • Utilities to migrate integrations running today’s in legacy web builder to the new visual builder.
  • A project exporter so you can switch over to the CLI any time.
  • Better documentation and learning tools.

This is a brand new tool and as such, we’re bound to have a few hiccups. We want to hear about them and fix them fast, along with adding new features over the coming months. Be sure to check out our list of known issues. Something unclear or confusing? We want to hear about that too!

Get Started With The Zapier Platform

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