A Streamlined Publishing Process, CLI v9.1.0, What’s Coming Next

Zapier Developer Platform Team | February 5, 2020

Eliminating the “Early Access” Stage

We’ve simplified our publishing and review process. We’ve eliminated the “Early Access” stage from the launch process. Now the process for a developer to publish a new app to the Zapier App Directory is:

  1. Create your integration using the platform UI or the Zapier CLI. The automated validation tools will help you ensure your users will have a great experience connecting with your app in the Zapier product, and will enable you to get through our publishing review quickly.
  2. Submit your integration to be published! We’ll ask for a few extra details here, like a test account to your product so we can do a quick end to end test and walkthrough of the user’s experience. This is also handy later to help us troubleshoot if your users are reporting problems.
  3. Watch for emails from our app review team. We may have questions or need you to tweak some things to ensure a great experience for our mutual users. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what generates support problems! :)
  4. Once the review team gives your integration the thumbs up, your product will be fully available in the Zapier app directory. You’ll have access to all of our partner tools like Zap Templates which are the easiest way to help your users discover concrete use cases and get introduced to how Zapier works. Your app will be marked beta, letting everyone know it’s a new addition to the platform.
  5. Share Zapier with your users! Make Zap Templates - they’ll get added to your app’s profile page. Send us copy to include in your customized help section. Once your Zapier audience grows to 50 active users (users that have Zaps that run regularly) our partner team will help you get even more visiblity by including you in launch materials and other comarketing.
  6. Go further by embedding Zapier in your app to give your users a better-than-native experience setting up integrations!

I’m still developing my integration. What does this change for me?

You’ll follow the process outlined above to get your integration direcly into public beta quickly and easily.

I have an integration in Early Access. What does this change for me?

Your integration is now in beta! You can create Zap Templates, and your users no longer have to use the invite mechanism to use your integration. Woot!

I’m already in the partner program. What does this change for me?

Absolutely nothing. You are a rock star and we’re so happy you are a part of the Zapier Platform!

Have questions?

Hit us up at partners@zapier.com or in our Platform Slack Channel

CLI v9.1.0

We shipped a new version of the CLI. Check out the changelog and upgrade your Zapier integration project!

Migrating Legacy Web Builder Integrations

Through February and March we’ll will be continuing to convert Web Builder integrations to our new platform, and will migrate all Zaps to the new version of your integration. Watch for an email from the team about this. If you have a legacy Web Builder integration we’ll let you know when your date for conversion is coming up. No action will be required on your part. We’re trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

What’s Coming Next?

In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a few things to better help you understand what’s going on with your integration and make it easier for you to find and fix potential problems.

  • We’ll be adding new data that will show you have many users are currently using each trigger and action, on each version of your integration.
  • Developers with Beta apps will get some new data on their dashboard showing active users over time, links to their open issues and feature requests, their partner health score, and will be able to keep track of how close they are to being eligible to launch with the partnership team.
  • We’ll be enhancing the validation tools in the sidebar of the platform UI, adding more details about validation findings, and easier ways to correct issues.