Introducing rate limiting

The endpoints are now rate limit protected. The limit is set to 9,000 requests per hour for an individual endpoint.


New /apps endpoint

This is a new endpoint that returns a list of apps in Zapier’s App Directory.


Updated /zap-templates and /zap-templates/me

These endpoints now accept an offset parameter to support pagination through results.


Faster /zap-templates lookup.

Sub-second responses to the /v1/zap-templates even when requesting up to 100 Zap templates.


Access tokens never expire.

After security review, the access tokens granted will no longer expire. This may change in the future, however, based on endpoints provided by the API. In that event, we expect API consumers to provide the user with the authorize endpoint to get a fresh access token.



The endpoint will now return all Zaps regardless of the Zapier CLI App’s version that was used when creating the Zap.