Automatic Account Creation

Our Automatic Account Creation feature will automatically create an account for first-time Zapier users when they try to set up Zaps through your app, removing the hassle of having to create a new account with a new service.

The following requirements exist for partners who are interested in leveraging Automatic Account Creation. A partner must support the following:

  • OAuth2 Protocol
  • OpenID Connect protocol
  • Authorization Code Flow for OIDC

Simply provide us with your IDP configuration details, and we can set up this sign-up process for you. This feature works for any plug-and-play Elements you’ve set up and through the Partner API. Once we’re done, first-time Zapier users will be automatically routed through the new sign-up process whenever they try to set up Zaps inside your product.

Click here to provide the details required to have this enabled for your product