Embed frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need to block the iframe embed by default? This is a more secure option.
  • Why do I need to provide Zapier with a list of domains I intend to embed Zapier in? We’ll use this to permit these specific domains to embed our product.
  • Which domains are appropriate and which ones are not, if any? The domains provided by you should be registered with your company with a public registrar. That is to say a randomcnamedomain.com is not valid for the same reason that a user or bad actor could register that domain.
  • What about when I’m developing the embed? Indeed this is tricky because localhost, yourcomp.local and are not valid domains that we support. An option would be to use a tunnel service like ngrok and to register that ngrok tunnel with us. Be advised, that we will ask for a static domain from ngrok.com or similar tunneling service.