The Partner API is for partners that wish to have more flexibility and control over a user’s experience with Zapier within their product. With the Partner API, you can:

  • Have complete style control over how you present Zap templates in your product. The Partner API gives you access to the raw Zap Template data so you can give your users access to your Zap template with your product’s style, look and feel.
  • Get access to all your Zap templates and give your users the ability to search to quickly find the one they need.
  • Streamline Zap setup by pre-filling fields on behalf of your users.
  • Show users the Zaps they have set up from right within your product keeping them on your site longer and giving them complete confidence in their Zapier integration.
  • Get a list of all the apps available in Zapier’s app directory so you can power your app directory and show your users all the integration possibilities with your Zapier integration.

This API is currently for approved partners only. If you’d like to use this API, request access using this form.

Want to better understand what you can achieve with the Partner API? See how other partners have used the API to create a native Zapier integration for their users.