App Extensions and API Requests Actions

What are App Extensions and API Requests?

App Extensions and API Requests are features that have been developed internally, designed to help our shared customers get the most value out of your integration. App Extensions and API Requests enhance the functionality of our product by enabling Zapier users to build raw API requests with public APIs while leveraging your app’s authentication protocol.

Since the launch, we’ve seen that the feature has been embraced, with users increasingly building and testing both App Extensions and API Requests, indicating its value and utility. As customers build these requests, they may experience certain challenges with them – issues related to client permissions, malformed API URLs, or bad requests, for instance. These challenges, however, are neither unique nor unexpected, as they occur consistently in other similar settings like our indigenous Webhooks feature.

Our support team stands ready to help users understand the feature and ensure it works as anticipated. However, it is essential for the user to correct and resolve the API error themselves, which is analogous to our policy on Webhooks. We adopted this because we aspire to empower users to get the best experience from the platform while strengthening their skills.

Can I opt-out of App Extensions and API Requests?

We currently aren’t supporting an opt-out initiative. However, we are committed to bettering experiences for every user and encourage you to voice your concerns or feedback regarding this feature. Should you continue to experience any challenges or have specific pain points you’re encountering, we would be glad to work on those to improve your experience.

We understand that you may have apprehensions regarding the potential support load, especially with respect to users building their own API requests. Be assured, we are dedicated to helping alleviate any impacts that this may cause. Moreover, our primary goal is to empower users with more control over their API requests, presenting them with a richer experience and a superior level of customization. We believe our users derive significant value from these direct API requests.

Do not hesitate to reach out with more questions and feedback. We are always open to dialogue aimed at improving our services and our working relationship with our partners.

Need help? Tell us about your problem and we’ll connect you with the right resource or contact support.