Zap templates

Zap templates are pre-made Zaps that help users discover popular use cases for automating their work. Each template features a specific use case and the apps (including yours!) needed for it to work.



  • Your app has passed the review process and is Published in the Zapier App Directory
  • Your created Zap templates have been reviewed and made public

1. Generate embedding code

Open the Zap Templates generator and type in your app’s name.

Using the sidebar panel in the tool; change the theme, display Zap Templates based on app pairings and display (or exclude) popular apps and categories. When it’s ready, generate the correct code and add it anywhere on your site.

To embed specific Zap Templates instead, select the Custom selected tab where you can search and select one or multiple Zap Templates.

Find the Zap Templates generator under Embed on the left-hand menu of your integration in the Platform UI.

2. Example implementation

This video shows an example implementation of the Zap Templates element embedded within the Zoho Sheet platform to surface popular workflows for users to easily discover and create Zaps:

Explore more live examples and success stories in our Partner Embed Gallery.

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