About the Partner Program

The Partner Program is only eligible for integrations with public intent.

The Zapier Partner Program is a program for Zapier’s 5,000+ integration partners. It is designed to give all partners a clear path to success for their integrations and reward them with benefits along the way.

As you get more users and maintain a healthy integration, and you get access more benefits across our tiered system. We have 4 levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Learn more about what benefits are available in each level.

How levels are calculated

Your level in the Zapier Partner Program is determined by your integration’s number of active users and integration health score.

Zapier Partner Program levels

Levels are evaluated on a fixed quarterly basis: at the beginning of January, April, July, and October.

You can change levels every quarter. You cannot change levels in the middle of a quarter. If at the beginning of a quarter, you don’t meet all requirements of a level, you will move down to a level that you do meet all the requirements of.

Zapier won’t externally share your level in the Partner Program with anyone, including other partners and Zapier users. But if you’d like to, you’re welcome to share your level in the program with your users.

Active users

The active users metric looks at how many people are actively using your Zapier integration this quarter. Since this number accumulates over the quarter, it is normal to see a drop at the beginning of each quarter compared to the end of last quarter.

To increase usage of your Zapier integration, try out these 10 tactics.

Integration health score

We calculate the integration health score by looking at how many feature requests and bugs have been reported for your integration and how responsive your team is to those reports. Some feature requests and bugs impact your score more than others. For example, a feature request with 100 users voting for it will impact your health score more than a feature request with 1 vote.

As a reminder, our goal for all integrations is for them to maintain a “healthy” health score. No level of the program requires an “exceptional” health score (although it’s certainly great if your integration does go above and beyond!).

Zapier Partner Program Integration Health Score

To improve your health score, respond to and resolve your outstanding feature requests and bugs.

View Partner Program metrics

You can view Partner Program metrics in two ways:

  • Partner newsletter: Opt in to our partner newsletter, and we’ll email you monthly updates.
  • Partner Program dashboard: Log into the developer platform with your developer’s credentials. In the left side bar, click Partner Program to view your metrics.

How to monitor integration insights

As you launch and maintain your integration, you should monitor and review the insights in the dashboard on a regular cadence. Insights include important data on both the integration’s growth and usage, such as monthly active users, retention rates, and Zap usage by triggers and actions. You can see all the metrics tracked in this table, or access them for any integration you are an Admin or Collaborator on from the “Dashboard” tab of the developer platform.

Screenshot of Dashboard tab in left sidebar of Developer Platform

You can filter most growth metrics by the last X number of days to identify trends and changes in user activity in correlation to marketing initiatives, integration changes, and product updates like embedding Zapier. Usage details for each trigger and action will show which functionalities are the most popular and being effectively utilized. You can easily and safely share access to the insights by inviting collaborators to the integration without giving them permissions to make changes to it.

If you have any questions about the Partner Program, reach out to our Partner Support team via our contact form.

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