Zapier Issue Manager

What is Zapier Issue Manager?

As users encounter bugs or think of new features they’d like within your integration, some reach out to the Zapier support team. Those requests are logged in Zapier’s issue tracker, which you can see from the Bug & Feature Requests page of the integration’s developer platform.

If you prefer syncing and managing these requests from your own issue-tracking tools (such as Jira or Trello), you can create Zaps to do so using Zapier Issue Manager.

Zapier Issue Manager makes it easy to engage with requests escalated by Zapier’s support team in a timely manner. This can help improve your integration’s health score and increase your tier in the Partner Program. The more you maintain a bug-free, quality integration, the more essential your product becomes to your users’ workflows. This sets you up to reduce churn, drive account upgrades, and increase customer lifetime value.

Who can use Zapier Issue Manager?

Zapier Issue Manager is available to all beta and public Zapier partners who own and maintain their own integration. To request access, please click the button below to submit the request form.

Click here to request access to Zapier Issue Manager

What features are available?

Zapier Issue Manager offers the following features:


  • New Issue
  • Issue Closed
  • New Comment
  • Affected User Added


  • Create Comment
  • List Issues
  • Find Issue
  • Generate Report

Get started Using Zapier Issue Manager

Here are some Zap templates to help you get started using Zapier Issue Manager.

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