Platform UI vs Platform CLI

There are two different developer tools to build either private or public integrations with on the Zapier Developer Platform: Platform UI or Platform CLI.

Platform UI

Platform UI is the visual way for users with API experience to build integrations in a web app editor. It allows for some advanced calls and response parsing when using Code mode; but is predominantly designed for builders more comfortable with a visual form editor than working in code.

Zapier Platform UI

To get started, check out the following resources:

Platform CLI

Platform CLI is a terminal-based app that allows builders to scaffold new integrations locally, using standard JavaScript in your local development environment and code editor. It allows for custom coding for API calls, middleware, file support and other advanced functionality. It’s the preferred tool for engineers comfortable with a standard development workflow and collaborating in a local environment using GIT version control before pushing integration versions to the Zapier server. Platform CLI can be more difficult to use for non-engineers, but will likely be more efficient for an engineering team.

Zapier Platform CLI

To get started, check out the following resources:

Comparison between developer tools

You can accomplish the same goals and build equally powerful Zapier integrations with both Platform UI and Platform CLI. The best tool for your integration depends on your work style and integration needs.

Below you can review what is capable between both developers tools

Authentication Platform UI Platform CLI
Basic Authentication
Session authentication
OAuth v1  
OAuth v2
Triggers Platform UI Platform CLI
REST Hooks
Polling triggers
Support for static webhooks    
Customize request handling with JavaScript
Search Actions Platform UI Platform CLI
Search or create functionality
Customize request handling with JavaScript
Create Actions Platform UI Platform CLI
Customize request handling with JavaScript
Advanced Platform UI Platform CLI
Custom middleware  
File support  
Import and use NPM modules  
Organize code with common functions  
Handling long running tasks via a callback URL  
Testing and Workflow Platform UI Platform CLI
GUI with form-based editor  
WYSIWYG form preview  
Write custom automated test suites  
Add team members to project
Manage testers
Monitor usage
View logs
Manage versions
Use custom source code manager  
Export integration to CLI -

If you are still unsure after reviewing our comparsion tables, Zapier advises to build with the Platform UI.

Switching between developer tools

Platform UI to Platform CLI

Yes, it is possible to switch your integration from Platform UI to Platform CLI.

You can export an existing Platform UI integration to Platform CLI. Once exported, you can customize your integration in your local development environment. You will still have access to view your integration in the Platform UI.

Before making this change, Zapier recommends learning more about possible user impacts when making changes to your integration.

Platform CLI to Platform UI

It’s not possible to directly export an integration from Platform CLI to Platform UI.

You would need to create a new integration version built in the Platform UI. Existing users would most likely need to manually update their Zaps to use the new version. Learn more about this process and best practices to minimize user impact and contact Developer Support with any questions.

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