Compute a field from the data of the Test API call

Zapier doesn’t store the responses from the test API call for OAuth v2 and session authentication. Using computed fields, you can use data from a test API call later in your Zapier integration.


  • Knowledge of working with APIs
  • Understanding of computed field concept
  • Familiarity with JavaScript


  1. Log into the Platform UI.
  2. Select your integration.
  3. In the Build section in the left sidebar, click your authentication.
    • For Session authentication:
      • Click Configure a Token Exchange Request
      • Click Switch to Code Mode.
    • For OAuth v2 authentication:
      • Click Add OAuth v2 Endpoint Configuration.
      • Click Switch to Code Mode.
  4. Add custom JavaScript code to instruct Zapier to call both the URLs necessary for the authorization process and your test API call.
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. The Test Request section remains unchanged.
  7. Return computed fields for data returned from either API call so you can reference those fields in subsequent steps as bundle.authData.field where field is the field’s name from your test API call response.

Upon completion, you will be able to use data from a test API call as a computed field in later stages of your Zapier integration.

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