Embed activation rates

Consider all the user clicks on Zap Templates surfaced in your embeds. The embed activation rate is the percentage of those Zaps that actually activated within 24 hours of creation, meaning the Zap ran at least one successful task. It measures the efefctiveness of the Zapier embeds in your product at converting user clicks on Zap Templates to Zap activations.

In your integration’s Dashboard, along with activation rate, see a funnel-view of users who signed up for Zapier, created Zaps, enabled Zaps, and activated Zaps from Zap Templates in your embeds.

Screenshot of embed insights dashboard

A low activation doesn’t necessarily mean something is broken. Both your integration and embed(s) could be implemented correctly and in good health, but you could still be seeing low activation rates. Embed insights can help identify where in their journey users are hitting challenges with activating, whether it’s the Zapier sign up, Zap setup or enablement stage.

Key Zapier insights

Embed insights and activation rates are strong indicators of user awareness and integration usability. If the click-to-sign-up ratio is really low, perhaps you haven’t set sufficient context and expectations where the embed is placed for users to feel confident when they land on Zapier.com. If the create-to-enabled ratio is low, users could be having trouble with authenticating or field mapping once they’re in the Zap editor creating a Zap from the template.

Best practices

  • If there are no Embed insights in your Dashboard, there are no embeds associated with the integration. Check out the Embed tab of your integration’s Dashboard or our Partner Solutions to see how you can start embedding. Embed features are only available for public integrations.
  • We offer a variety of embed tools as different options work best for different Partners and their platforms. Implement a combination of our partner tools and compare metrics to see which implementations are most successful for your use case.
  • Users are more likely to sign-up when they are aware of Zapier and the value we provide by integrating to your app. Give context of Zapier via a brief onboarding flow or link to help docs so users know what to expect.

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