Promote a version

After your integration has entered the beta or public status, you can set a new default version for public use. This process is called promoting a version.

Promote a version with Platform UI

  1. Log into the Platform UI.
  2. Select your integration.
  3. In the Manage section in the left sidebar, click your Versions.
  4. On your version you want to promote, click the three dots icon navMoreHoriz icon.
  5. To make the chosen version the public and default version, click Promote.

Platform UI Versions tab, showing where to find the three dots icon

Note: If you have a private integration, you will not see the Promote option. Instead, you can share your new version with users.

Promote a version with Platform CLI

In the Platform CLI, you can run zapier promote [version] to make the specified version number the new public and default version. Learn more about promoting a version using the Platform CLI .

What happens after you promote a version?

After successfully promoting a version:

  • Zap templates update: If there are no breaking changes, all Zap templates will be updated to use the new public version.
  • New triggers and actions: Any newly added triggers or actions will be displayed on your integration’s public app page.
  • User experience: Users who select your integration for a new Zap will interact with the promoted version by default.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly promote a new version of your integration, ensuring that new users have access to the latest features and improvements.

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