Add or modify integration branding and details

Platform UI

When creating a new integration in the Platform UI from the link, you’ll be prompted to add the app name, description, homepage URL and logo.

Platform UI branding

It is also required to complete the Intended Audience, your role and the app’s category.

Audience, role, category

Platform CLI

When creating a new integration in the Platform CLI, you can optionally add the app name, description, and homepage URL to the package.json file. The rest of your app’s branding needs to be added in the Platform UI once you zapier push your integration for the first time.

Set Zapier integration name and description in package.json file

Build your integration locally first. Once you’ve added your app’s core details, authentication, triggers, and actions, push your integration to Zapier with a zapier push command. Zapier will use the name you added in the CLI integration settings, along with a placeholder icon for your app.

Next, add your app’s branding via the Platform UI at There you will see every Zapier integration you’ve built. The My integrations section includes every app you’ve added via Zapier’s Platform UI or CLI. Look for the integration you built with Zapier CLI and select.

Edit Zapier integration branding

Only the branding for your CLI-built app can be edited in the UI; authentication, triggers, and actions must be edited in your local environment and pushed to Zapier.

To edit branding, select the gear icon in the upper left hand corner near your app’s name and placeholder icon. Edit your integration’s name and description, and upload your app’s logo (a square, transparent PNG at least 256x256px), meeting requirements. Below that, set your app’s Intended Audience, your role and the app’s category. Select Save.

Modify or rebrand your integration

Private integrations

For integrations in private status, branding can be updated anytime on the Integration Settings page. Access Integration Settings by clicking the gear icon to the right of the integration name.

Integration Settings page for private app

Public/Beta integrations

For integrations in public or beta status, branding changes need to be processed by our Partner Support team. To request branding changes, visit the Integration Settings page and click the form linked at the top of the page.

The app ID and your Zapier account email will automatically populate into the form. Provide only the details you want updated on your integration’s directory page, and submit the form. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your submission, and the Partner Support team will process the changes within 1 business day. You’ll receive a second email confirming once the changes have been made.

Integration Settings page for public app

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