A Guide to Zapier Partner Program Benefits: Accelerate your integration’s growth and reach

Zapier offers a variety of marketing and support benefits to partners. This cheat sheet is designed to help you understand when and how you can access each of these benefits as you unlock them.

Accelerate your access to these benefits by embedding

Unlock the benefits of the Zapier Partner Program faster by embedding your integration into your product via your help docs, integration pages, or blog posts. There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you’re in Beta, you’ll exit Beta the day after we detect a signup that originate from your embed
  2. If you’re already a Partner, you can access some of the benefits of the next tier faster if you meet these requirements:
    • we detect a signup from an embed that originates on your site
    • your integration has a Healthy or Exceptional health score
    • your integration meets a minimum active user count (40 for early Silver benefits, 300 for early Gold benefits, 2,500 for early Platinum benefits)

Embedding your integration not only enhances your product’s functionality but also fast-tracks your access to higher-tier benefits. It’s our way of incentivizing partners to integrate with Zapier and reap the rewards sooner.

Next steps

  • Review your integration tier on the Partner Program page in the developer dashboard
  • Plan benefit redemption around your integrations’ marketing calendar (and keep track of the annual usage limit of each benefit)
  • Highlight your integration in your product and marketing assets with our partner embedding tools

Access to our Partner Support team

Access to integration best practices through our dedicated Support team.

  • How to access this benefit: Submit our contact form
  • Eligible tiers: Bronze+

Complimentary Zapier account for testing integration updates

Access to a complimentary workspace with premium features, giving your integration team access to features to support the ongoing development and maintenance of your integration.

Zapier Partner Sandbox  
Tier Bronze+
How to redeem Submit the form linked at the top of the “Manage Team” page for your eligible integration on the developer platform.
Opportunity Use Zapier Partner Sandbox to test integration updates before promoting them to users.

App directory listing lead generation button

A “Learn More” button (example) is added to your app’s listing in the App Directory. This way, anyone who lands on this page can directly visit your site for more information on your product.

Lead Generation Button  
Tier Silver+
How to redeem Automatically redeemed for you. Customize this button with UTM parameters of your choice reaching out to our team at partners@zapier.com
Opportunity Make it easy for potential users to explore your product with just one click through the “Learn More” button for enhanced lead generation.

Showcase one of the most popular workflows between your app and others on the Zapier blog.

Deep Dive Blog Post  
Tier Silver+
How to redeem Email us at partners@zapier.com with the Zap Template ID and blurb. You can also provide one no-follow link related to the workflow which we will consider linking in the post.
Opportunity In 1-3 sentences, describe how a popular workflow solves a common automation goal for your users.
Frequency One every 365 days (rolling)
Best used In tandem with your integration promotional efforts through your socials

Community post inclusion of your integration updates

We showcase new triggers, actions, and searches added to your integration, as well as user-reported issues closed with a “Resolved” statues in a monthly Community post.

Integration announcements on the Zapier Community  
Tier Silver+
How to redeem Automatically redeemed for you. We capture new triggers, actions, and searches added to your integration, as well as user-reported issues closed with a “Resolved” status, and include them in a Community post.
Opportunity Actively requests feedback from our mutual users on these updates, fostering direct engagement with users and enhancing the overall user experience.
Best used Don’t miss a chance to promote these updates with your users, and engage with users by responding to their comments.

Boost your integration’s exposure through a feature placement in our app directory (example).

Feature Integration in our App Directory  
Tier Silver+
How to redeem Select a 1-week period where you anticipate high customer engagement and email partners@zapier.com requesting to redeem.
Opportunity Users are more likely to discover your integration when they’re viewing your integration’s category in our app directory.
Frequency Once every 365 days (rolling)

Blog feature of your integration updates

We highlight new triggers, actions, and searches added to your integration in a monthly blog post (shared with a large Zapier audience).

Integration Announcements on Zapier Blog  
Tier Gold+
How to redeem Automatically redeemed for you. We capture new triggers and actions added to your integration and promote them in the blog post.
Opportunity If you add a feature to an existing trigger or action that you think customers will love, send us an email.
Best used Don’t miss a chance to promote these updates with your users by linking this announcement to a post on your networks.

Standalone Feature Blog Post

Being featured on Zapier’s blog means you benefit from our high web traffic and SEO ranking.

Dedicated Blog Post on the Zapier Blog  
Tier Gold+
How to redeem Email partners@zapier.com to redeem this benefit. Our team will write a blog post about your app aiming to bring in a bigger audience, ensuring high relevance and interest.
Opportunity Reach a large, tech-savvy user base that is always on the lookout for new integrations to streamline their workflows.
Frequency One lifetime (eligible for update every 2.5 years)
Best used Spread the word about your integration by promoting your dedicated perk on your social media channels.

Priority Developer Support

Request dedicated support for your integration and product roadmap from a Zapier Solutions Engineer. Technical troubleshooting and code review are available.

Priority Developer Support  
Tier Platinum
How to redeem Email partners@zapier.com to redeem this benefit.
Opportunity Use this tailored benefit to approach adding new features or fixing new bugs on your integration, based on your product goals.

Need help? Tell us about your problem and we’ll connect you with the right resource or contact support.