Note: The scheduled Transfer functionality is being deprecated as of 15th January 2024.

One time transfers will be available to users within their Zaps with supported triggers.

We are no longer accepting new Transfer sources built by partners for review.

What is Transfer?

Transfer is a Zapier functionality that enables users to perform bulk operations using their historical data. Today Zaps only process new data and events created after the user turns on their Zap. Transfer lets users access data that existed in their trigger app before the Zap was on. It allows users to leverage Zapier for ETL (“Extract, Transform, Load”) tasks.

Some example usage scenarios:

  • A user has new email campaign software and they want to load all the leads from their CRM into it.
  • A user ran a survey, but didn’t build a Zap ahead of time to move those responses to their email marketing tool. They can use Transfer to reach back and pull those responses into their software of choice.
  • A user wants to choose specific leads that previously ran through a Zap, and send them to a different tool.
  • A user has a one-off data migration where the source has a paginated API endpoint and the destination has a Zapier integration.

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