Change trigger from polling to REST Hook

Change scenario

Your app needs to change how it notifies Zapier of new records - changing the type of trigger - from Zapier polling an app endpoint for new items to instead a REST Hook subscription where the app notifies Zapier of new records; or vice versa.

Impact to users

This is a breaking change. Edits to an existing trigger’s type will cause your users’ Zaps to stop working and they would need to create new Zaps with the new trigger type, and manually re-create their actions. Using the Duplicate feature would help, but each Zap would need to be mapped individually with the new trigger.

Best practices

  • Copy the trigger configuration into a new trigger and give it a new key (such as appending _v2 on the end), change the type for this new trigger, and hide the previous trigger. This way existing Zaps continue to work with the previous (and now hidden) trigger definition, and new Zaps will use the new trigger definition.
  • This is the recommended path forward whether using the Platform UI or the Platform CLI, with the only difference being using the Visibility: Hidden toggle in the UI and setting the hidden key as true in the CLI.

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