Essential tips for integrating quality health practices

Our shared customers rely on Zapier and your integration for business-critical workflows. Addressing feedback early and often ensures users have the best experience, both with Zapier’s platform and yours. Follow these tips on how.

1. Embrace early bug resolution

Early bug resolution prevents minor issues from escalating into significant problems, ensuring your users have a smooth and reliable experience.

2. Prioritize user-requested features

Requests for new features are invaluable insights into your user needs and pain points. Prioritizing these requests in your development roadmap can help enhance the functionality of your integration and significantly boost user retention and loyalty.

Pro tip: Explore users’ most valued and widely used features per app category! Head over to our must-have triggers and actions page for details.

3. Make Zapier an integral part of your product strategy

Your integration is a powerful tool for automating workflow, increasing productivity, and providing value to your users. Including it in your product expansion strategy and product roadmap planning, ensures it evolves in tandem with your core offerings.

Pro tip: Read on how you can prioritize user feedback in your product roadmap planning.

4. Spread the word about your integration’s new features

Highlight new features and enhancements to your integration in your marketing materials. Adding these to newsletters, blogs, and in-product messages (IPMs), can help drive engagement and encourage users to explore new functionalities, leading to increased adoption and deeper integration into their daily workflows.

Pro Tip: Get your integration in front of more users by embedding Zapier’s Partner Solutions directly into your product.

5. Keep your integration fresh with regular updates

Regular updates signal to your users that you are committed to continuously improving their experience. Establish a cadence for updates that align with your sprint cycles.

Pro tip: Add them to your calendar.

Next Steps:

  • Actively monitor user feedback
  • Leave a comment on the Bugs & Feature Requests section inside your Partner Dashboard
  • When promoting a version, link any open bug reports and feature requests that the newly promoted version addresses
    • Only possible when promoting within the Platform UI
  • Leverage Quick Account Creation to ease user signup friction and enhance security, through your embed placement
  • Make staying on top of your open bugs and feature requests a priority by leveraging Zapier Issue Manager

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