Get help with the Zapier Platform

Get help building your app integration through the following channels:

Developer Support on the Zapier Platform

The Platform Support team is equipped to assist you with a variety of topics to ensure your development process is as smooth as possible. Here’s how we can help:

  • Integration Maintenance & Launch: Guidance on updating your integrations and launching new versions through both our UI and CLI.
  • Authentication, Trigger & Action Setup: Assistance with configuring authentication to your API and configuring the triggers and actions that make your integrations run.
  • Error Handling: Advice on best practices for error messaging and handling, aiming for clarity and helpfulness to end-users.
  • Log Troubleshooting: Support in interpreting and troubleshooting logs to resolve issues swiftly.

The following areas are however beyond our support scope:

  • Custom JavaScript Code: We cannot provide support for writing or structuring your custom JavaScript code.
  • API Behavior Debugging: We’re unable to offer assistance with debugging unpredictable behaviors from third-party APIs.
  • Application-Specific Advice: While we’d love to help with everything, we can’t provide tailored suggestions for the specifics of your individual application.

We encourage developers to use our comprehensive documentation and community resources for topics that fall outside of our support boundaries. Our aim is to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel on the Zapier Platform.

Partnering with Zapier

For public integrations, the Partner Support team is here to help with:

  • Integration Launch: We’re here to guide you with launching your integration in the Zapier App Directory.
  • The Partner Program: Any questions about the program and help redeeming perks.
  • Branding and Page Updates: Updating your integration’s branding and directory page.
  • Solutions for Embedding: Any questions about embedding Zapier in your app and Zap templates.

Reach out to either our Platform and Partner Support teams via the contact form.

Zapier’s Developer Community

Zapier’s Platform community is dedicated to helping developers with new and existing integrations. With a worldwide team of users, there’s usually someone around to answer your questions. We’d love to hear about your experience building on Zapier.

Zapier Support

If you have issues with a Zap or your Zapier account, reach out to Zapier Customer Support via the contact form. This lets the support team access technical information in your account to troubleshoot your problem. You’ll receive an email response from a member of the support team regarding your issue.

Zapier Help Center

Zapier’s Help Center is a robust library of documents and step-by-step guides that explain how Zapier works, provide information about the apps you use on Zapier, and offer solutions for common issues that you may run into.

Need help? Tell us about your problem and we’ll connect you with the right resource or contact support.